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The University offers Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science in several fields of study. The language of instruction in all undergraduate programs is Spanish and English.

UNEM offers the Bachelor's degree programs by distance learning. These programs are for mature students who were unable, for whatever reason, to finish their university studies. The students may transfer all previously earned credits toward their Bachelor degree, provided they were earned at an accredited institution. If you are interested, contact us for more information.


The Bachelor Degree Program

This program is curriculum based. The student must earn a minimum of 120 semester credits, including a thesis/project worth 6 semester credits.

This is a serious program for independent minded students who possess the determination and self discipline to work at their own pace. Our students are goal oriented and have the theoretical knowledge and work experience in their fields, but lack the credentials necessary for promotional opportunities, academic advancement, self satisfaction, etc.

All learning takes place online through state of the art course management protocols unique to Empresarial Universidad. Classes are conducted continuously in six to eight week Bi-Mesters throughout the year permitting accelerated learning opportunities for the dedicated learner. All classes are controlled and originate from the virtual campus of Universidad Empresarial in San Jose, Costa Rica.


Bachelor of Business Administration

Bachelor of Accounting

Introduction to Economics I
Introduction to Business
Mathematics for Business and Economics I
Introduction to Behavioral Sciences
Introduction to Law
English for Freshman I
Introduction to Economics II
Introduction to Management
Mathematics for Business and Economics II
Introduction to Computing
English for Freshman II
Principles of Accounting I
Introduction to Operations Research
Statistics I
Organizational Behavior
Computer Programming for Business Applications
Principles of Accounting II
Production and Operations Management
Statistics II
Organization Theory
Business Communication
Business Finance I
Principles of Marketing
Financial Accounting
Managerial Economics
Business Law
Business Finance II      
Human Resources Management
Money and Banking
Operations Research
International Business
Management Information Systems
Marketing Research
Total Quality Management
Marketing Models and Decisions
Strategic Management & Business Policies
Project Management
Research Project
Final Examination

Organizational Behavior and Leadership
English Composition I
Foundations of College Mathematics
Principles of Management
English Composition II
Elements of Effective Communication
Ethical Situations in Business
Information Systems Management
College Algebra
Introduction to Humanities
Introduction to Probability and Statistics
Principles of Accounting
Integrated Natural Science
Integrated Natural Science Applications
Accounting II
Business Research and Writing
Fundamentals of Marketing and Business Communication
Global Business
Quantitative Analysis for Business
Managerial Accounting
Project Management
Intermediate Accounting I
Intermediate Accounting II        
Taxation I
Taxation II
Cost and Managerial Accounting
Accounting Information Systems
Legal Issues for Business Organizations
Business Law for Accountants
Advanced Managerial Accounting
Strategic Financial Management
Public Sector Accounting
Corporate Social Responsibility
Accounting Capstone
Research Project
Final Examination


UNEM offers the following graduate degree programs to the international and local community, by distance learning. The programs may be conducted in English or Spanish. Master's and Doctorate degree programs are offered in the fields listed below.

Article 46 of the UNEM Charter, requires that the total number of credits required for a Master degree shall be a minimum of 56 credits beyond the Bachelor degree, or a total of 180 credits including those earned for the Bachelor degree. The total number of credits required for a Doctor degree shall be a minimum of 69 credits and for Phd a minimum of 80 credits. Therefore, the credit requirements listed for each of UNEM's graduate programs on this site are subject to the limits of Article 46 of the UNEM Charter.

All learning takes place online through state of the art course management protocols unique to Empresarial Universidad. Classes are conducted continuously in six to eight week Bi-Mesters throughout the year permitting accelerated learning opportunities for the dedicated learner. All classes are controlled and originate from the virtual campus of Universidad Empresarial in San Jose, Costa Rica.


MBA Program

Managerial Economics
Business Ethics
Leadership and Organizational Behavior
Managerial Accounting
Strategic Human Resource Management
Strategic Marketing Management
Strategic Operations Management
Corporate Finance
Strategic Management
Decisions Making
Global Economy
Accounting for Business Decisions
Research Methods


DBA Program Core Requirements (12 Credits)

MBA 598 Statistics   3 credits
MBA 560 Financial and Managerial Accounting  3 credits
MBA 540 Managerial Economics   3 credits
MBA 565 Marketing   3 credits

DBA Program Components (57 credits)

DBA 701 Doctoral Success Lab: Resources, Processes, and Support 3 credits
DBA 710 Global Leadership and Ethics 3 credits
DBA 715 Organizational Behavior and Social Responsibility 3 credits
DBA 720 Management of Financial Resources 3 credits
DBA 725 Business Innovation & Entrepreneurship 3 credits
DBA 730 Research Methods-Qualitative 3 credits
DBA 735 Research Methods-Quantitative Research Foundation 3 credits
DBA 740 Analytics for Decision Making 3 credits
DBA 745 Global Perspectives in Human Resource 3 credits
DBA 750 Strategic Management in Global Organizations 3 credits
DBA 755 Management Learning Seminar 3 credits
DBA 760 Management Teaching Practicum 3 credits
DBA 765 Doctoral Written Comprehensive Exam 3 credits
DBA 770 Dissertation Seminar 3 credits
DBA 780-89 Directed Research 12 credits
DBA 801 Dissertation Oral Defense 0 credits


PhD in Business Admnistration


AIAS Global / NIIM / UNEM Joint International

Faculty of Holistic Medicine

Overseas Programs

Doctor of Philosophy in Holistic Medicine (Distance Education)

Doctor of Naturopathy (Distance Education)

Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology (Distance Education)


Universidad Empresarial (UNEM) is a private, non-profit, non-sectarian educational institution of higher learning which does not discriminate on the basis of age, color, race, religion, national origin, creed, disability, marital status, gender or sexual orientation. In accordance with Costa Rican Ministry of Education regulations, UNEM is operated by a registered Foundation, Empresarial de Costa Rica. UNEM began its operation in 1992 as the International Post-Graduate School in affiliation with the University of San Jose. In 1997 the International Post-Graduate School began operation as an independent institution and became Universidad Empresarial. UNEM is listed within the International Handbook of Universities and a member of IAU (International Association of Universities). Since 2014, UNEM has established the Joint Faculty of Holistic Medicine with AIAS School of Holistic Health Management (within AIAS Global) to offer international PhD programs in Holistic Medicine and Psychology through distance education.

AIAS Global is an international non-profit making organization with its international Headquarter in Melbourne Australia, Asia Headquarter in Hong Kong and branches over different major cities in China. Being the largest organization of Naturopathy, Holistic Imageology and Holistic Medicine, AIAS Global is devoted for diversified projects of education, research and certification in partnership with universities and prestigious academies worldwide such as American Academy of Procedural Medicine, National Institute of Integrative Medicine Australia, HKU SPACE, Tsinghua University, CUHK SCS etc. Since 2003, AIAS Global has been offering professional memberships, qualification pathways and program accreditation for professionals and educational partners in different regions. Charitable projects for social wellbeing and holistic human development is also within the charters of AIAS Global.

International Certification and Research Partners:

American Academy of Procedural Medicine - As a full-time teaching establishment for the past 16 years, the A.A.O.P.M. has successfully graduated over 45,000 medical practitioners. A.A.O.P.M. is an Educational Organization serving Physicians, Nurses, NPs, PAs, and Dentists, throughout the world by providing education and certification pathways in Procedural Medicine with a focus on helping its members acquire the necessary skills and credentials to be a sought after practitioner. The faculty and advisory board are dedicated to the advancement in Procedural Skills by providing quality CME education and certification pathways in Aesthetics, Medicine, Surgery, and Pain Management.

The National Institute of Integrative Medicine Australia, or NIIM, is a not-for-profit organization that brings together education and research in Integrative Medicine, as well as facilitating its practice at the NIIM Clinic. NIIM is Australia's largest integrative medical institute, conducting research into complementary and integrative therapies, and delivering educational programs in Integrative Medicine to the public and medical community. As a national leader in Integrative Medicine, the NIIM Clinic offers the best evidence-based conventional and complementary treatments for cancer, heart disease, dementia, diabetes and other illnesses. At NIIM, we empower people to take control of their health.

The International Association for Cell Therapy (IACT), Switzerland IACT is in a singular position to meet the explicit needs and challenges faced by physicians and scientists practising cell therapy in the community. IACT is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to increase and exchange knowledge in the promotion of high-quality cellular therapy by developing numerous programs, tools, and resources specifically tailored to the needs of practicing professionals. AIAS / UNEM PhD Program in Holistic Medicine is endorsed by IACT and our PhD graduate is eligible for the professional membership of IACT.

International Association of Stem Cell Transplantation, Inc. (IASCT) IASCT is dedicated to facilitate development and research in the emerging field of Anti-ageing and Regenerative Medicine. In collaboration with scientists, medical doctors and natural healers from different cultural backgrounds, IASCT explores the use of rejuvenating organ extract and cellular therapies for extending healthy human lifespan and fighting premature ageing. IASCT is further dedicated to the improvement and enhancement of medical care for patients with chronic-degenerative diseases, including cancer and immune system disturbances, by facilitating clinical research in organotherapy and stem cell transplantation. The International Association of IASCT aims to provide current and resourceful information to medical care providers and their patients regarding advances in stem cell transplantation as well as to provide easy access to therapy through the international network of providers.


International Faculty Members

Head of Faculty - Dr. Desmond G. Chan, PhD ND NP

UNEM Professor in Holistic Health Management Visiting Professor in Holistic Medicine (NIIM Australia) President of AIAS Global International Association for Cell Therapy Switzerland & International Association of Stem Cell Transplantation, Inc. – Fellowship B.Bus. (Monash Aust.), MBA (HWU U.K.), DBA (CMA U.K.), N.D. (High Distinction, U.S.), PhD (UNEM), NP (AAOPM U.S.), CPBA, CPVA, CAIA, CTRI (U.S.), AICI CIP (Hall of Fame)

Qigong Master, Self-image Psychotherapy Trainer & Color Therapist Trainer, Sci/ART Spectrafiles Human Coloration Master Trainer & Head of Education, Training Doctor and Board Examiner of American Academy of Procedural, Medicine (Naturopathic Medicine and Naturopathic Aesthetics), Trainer in Naturopathy at CUHK SCS Programs of Naturopathy, Trainer in Holistic Imageology at HKU SPACE Holistic Image Programs, Chief Advisor of Tsinghua University Boshan Centre of Executive Image Management, Global Peace Centre – Hong Kong and China Chapter Head, Founding President of Association of Image Consultants International Hong Kong Chapter (2004 – 06), International Author of "From Head to Soul International", Founder of HolisticImageArchitectureTM

Professional Practice: Health Dynamix Holistic Centre / Swiss Biomolecular Institute / Dr Med Clinic Group / Shambhala Wellbeing Centre Melbourne, Australia

Medical Research Director, Visiting Professor in Integrative Medicine – Dr. James Siow, B.Sc, MBBS, BCCMT(Netherlands), BCALM(USA), BCAM(USA) FCMT(Netherlands)

Head of Naturopathic Medicine - Dr. Andy W. H. Yuen, B.D.S. (H.K.), N.D. (U.S.), Ph.D. (P.R.C.), ANMCB/ANCB Certified Naturopathic Physician

Visiting Professor in Quantum Medicine – Dr Michael Ellis, MBBS MRCP DCH MACNEM NPAA BA (Hons) Dip Grad (Nutr Med).

Visiting Professor in Light Medicine – Mr. Vian Li

Visiting Healing Consultant in Crystal Healing – Mr. Stan Manaszczuk

Visiting Professor in Integrative Chinese Medicine - Dr Kylie O'Brien, BSc(Optom), BAppSc(ChinMed), MPH, PhD (Chinese Medicine), Grad Cert Tert Ed, Dip Toyohari Meridian Therapy, Dip Rem Massage


Business Administration:


Business and Finance




Finance and Financial Management

Facility and Construction Management

Management Coaching

Management and Coaching

Logistics and or Procurement


Strategic Leadership

Strategic Management

Public Administration


Computer Science, Technology & related fields:



Software Engineering

Systems Integration



Structural Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering



Health Science








Building and Construction Technology

Vocational Sciences

Humanities and Social Sciences:


Liberal Arts



Economic History

Political Science


Social Work


Depth Psychology

Counselling Psychology






Religion and Alternative Science:




Comparative Religion

Human and Religious Studies



Christian Counselling

Natural & Alternative Medicine

Natural & Alternative Medicine

Natural Health

Natural Medicine

Oriental Medicine

Natural Health Science